Coal miners first settled the Town of Erie around 1870, and except for schools and a few commercial improvements, the old town itself had changed very little before 1990. But a progressive town management applied for State grants for the infrastructure necessary to preserve the town’s existence, and now Erie is a lovely town with beautiful old homes and a real main street like towns used to have. Civic projects such as sewer improvements, water reservoirs, storm drains, street paving and improvements, a new water treatment plant, the addition of beautiful parks and ball fields, a complete refurbishment of the aging Town Hall, and many improvements to its very own airport have brought Erie into the 21st century without losing sight of the old town atmosphere and values. Erie’s growth has been substantial enough to survive, and controlled enough to preserve its charm and heritage. Erie has custom developments such as Erie Village and North Ridge, and semi-custom developments with participation from national builders such as Melody Homes, Ryland, Johnson Communities, and US Homes to supply the demand of moderately priced family homes. The Vista Ridge development in east Erie offers everything from townhomes to custom homes on estate size lots, a beautiful community center, restaurant, bar, and pro shop, and a world-class golf course with sweeping views of the entire front range. Buyers considering Erie soon fall in love - schools where everyone knows your kid, and the ambiance of a quaint old Victorian town. Erie is situated about 14 miles east of Boulder. It’s a nice place to come home to.