Nederland is nestled in the mountains about 14 miles west of Boulder. Nederland’s residents relish the clear blue skies, cool breezes, mountain streams, soaring pines...they like being able to travel down the “summer road” during the same time of year. They love the mountain peaks, town meetings, walking their kids to school. It’s true that although homes in Nederland can sometimes range from off beat to off the beaten path, they’re always interesting. Like the people – alive and not so alive. Case in point: the annual “Frozen Dead Guy” celebration. Seems grandpa’s last wish was to be frozen and retained on ice in a tuff shed in his grandson’s backyard indefinitely, or until he could be more than a snowman. But the INS changed all that by sending the grandson back to Norway, leaving the town with the responsibility of keeping grandpa on ice. Hence, the “Frozen Dead Guy Days” celebration. Nederland found a way to turn lemons into frozen lemonade…in a manner of speaking.