Our office is different from others because we strive to serve your needs better than anyone else does, and to promote your interests above even our own. We get paid a share of the commission the seller pays to the listing broker at Closing, so it doesn’t cost more to have us working only for you. We never charge a retainer or fee up front, and if for any reason you don’t close, we don’t expect to get paid. We put it in writing.

We know that the service we offer as Realtors® is by far the best choice for any real estate Buyer. We’ve been representing Buyers exclusively since 1990, honestly, with full disclosure, and without the conflicts of interest plaguing many Realtors® who try to work for buyers and sellers at the same time.

Old Town Mead

Many Realtors® try to set themselves apart from the competition with such advertising as “… member of the Million Dollar Club” or “Top Producer”… but not us! We don’t boast about our sales conquests because we don’t operate as salespeople. We don’t sell houses – we help our buyers buy houses.

We represent people – not properties. We have no stake in whether or not any house sells, because we don’t list property for sellers. We work to make sure that the property we’ve found is the very best one for you. Sometimes that involves advising that you shouldn’t buy it! Whatever property you eventually decide to buy, we make sure that you’ve made the most informed decision possible.

We’re with you for the long haul – whatever it takes to find, secure, investigate, finance, and close on your property, no matter how long it takes. All at no extra cost to you.