Many Realtors® use phrases in their advertising such as "...member of the Million Dollar Club" or "Top Producer" in an effort to get out in front of their competitors. We don't boast about our sales conquests because we don't operate as salespeople. We’re not trying to sell houses - we help our Buyers buy houses. We have no stake in whether or not any house sells. Our commitment to our clients is that we’ll work to make sure it's the best house for them.

We know that just the practice of representing only one side in real estate transactions sets us apart. Don't get us wrong - we like Sellers. There would be nothing to buy without them. Besides, some of our Buyer clients are also selling their own houses. But we are convinced that the service we offer Buyers is far better because we only work for Buyers. Hopping around back and forth between buyers and sellers causes conflicts and confusion for the best of agents and their clients, but ours are never confused about whom we're working for. We don’t switch sides.

Our clients tell us there's another important thing that sets us apart: the attitude that our clients' interests come before our own, always. Values can't be faked - at least not for long. I've found that agents who are truly able to put the interests of others ahead of their own were ethical long before they ever became Realtors®.

I remember a particular class I attended that was required for all active licensees and made up of real estate brokers with at least ten years experience. Since there were no new agents in the class, the topic of agency was covered only briefly. The instructor's advice: "There is no reason that you can't work with both Buyers and Sellers effectively - you just have to be sure you're using the right script." Sounds like acting to me. Almost any agent will say they can "act" as your buyer agent. I can promise you that I'm not acting.

We believe that your choice of what type of agent working under what type of agency is the single most important choice you’ll make in the entire process. With buyers as our only clients, we have no other loyalties. Serving your needs and taking care of what is likely to be your largest single investment is not just a facet of our business - it’s our only business.

-Alta Drumm