Drive by the public library on Baseline Road in Lafayette, and you will see the early founders and residents of the old town in a mural covering the entire south side of the building, facing the street. Mary Miller, in all her stern glory, gazes down disapprovingly on passersby. Her husband Lafayette and the coal miners in the background all appear to be deferring to her judgment. Seems that once Lafayette was no longer with us, Mary sold land, some of which was over the mines, to some local developers to build what is now known as Old Town Lafayette. But Mary was a leader in the Women’s Temperance Society, so she added a restriction to each deed that she signed over to new owners that still appears when title passes today. The restriction states that if any owner should sell, give away, or consume alcoholic beverages on the premises, the property would revert to her heirs or assigns forever. Lafayette has grown up, but the deeds conveying property in those parts of Old Town still carry that Mary Miller Deed Restriction – title companies say it’s unenforceable, but we get an endorsement, anyway. ~ You will find beautiful old homes in Old Town Lafayette and beautiful new homes around the Indian Peaks Golf Course. Recreation and 21st Century Centers with everything you could possibly want to buy, or quaint little antique stores and tea shops. Lafayette’s old and new is blended so skillfully, one would think someone planned it that way!

Mary & Lafayette Miller - Lafayette Public Library
Main Street Lafayette